Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Results

Blog – Web Log. A log normally contains notes and reflections of key events of the day. I guess, in retrospect, this day could be significant. Today I collected my A Level results. The results of the last two years of [slackful] working on my studies. I may as well get to the point, my final grades are:
B (physics), A (Maths), A (Chemistry). A (Biology). A (Critical Thinking – a/s).
As expected. There was little chance to gain an A* as you need to get 90% in Both A2 exams;I didn’t achieve that in any subject in my January module, so unless I did something remarkable in Chemistry, I was limited to As. Physics – been getting consistent B grades over the year so that was expected, although I thought the last exam wasn’t too difficult.

Pleased? I am not disappointed, like I said any less would be a disappoint, any thing more would be shocking.

However, what I am disappointed to see is how poorly I did in the June final exams. For instance in the two chemistry exams I got C and B… I’m not sure how that C occurred but I recall after that exam thinking it wasn’t too difficult but I knew I missed marks here and there. My final exam, maybe ever, I got a C. My lowest marked exam. After that exam, I was expecting to have done well. Somewhere around A/B – so I don’t know what happened there! Then again, I did crash my car on the way to that exam, so may have had a distorted view at the time!

I hope and pray for all who got their results today. That their future plans may come to fruition and may bring them all they desire. It is a huge day for many people, and even though it wasn’t dramatic for me – I can no look forward and not worry about those exams anymore!

GBU & don't forget to be awesome (DFTBA)

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