Saturday, 11 August 2012

The heart behind this blog, a letter.

Good day to you all,

My name is Michael Fenn. I will be spending this year serving as part of the Sion Community's youth mission Team. This is a community that is best summed up as: Catholic, Evangelistic and Charismatic. The youth mission team's work is primarily going into secondary schools to give an authentic introduction to the Gospel message and to renew school's Christian identity.

I make this blog, aware of my almost inevitable failure to maintain it, in response to a couple of people in my home parish (the fine people at the Holy Ghost, Yeovil) asking me to keep them informed of my activities of the year. I also have a love of good writing, and find great satisfaction in expressing myself articulately and effectively in a written medium - however, I do suffer from that deadly sin of sloth so my writing tends to be poor and this does not lend itself to the pious proudness that might allow one to write more! I intend to make youtube videos (vlogs) as well as more conventional blogs - I'll probably embed the videos onto this blog, but if you want to see them on youtube I'll use my channel 'whynobeards'.

The subjects of the blog, will be as chosen by myself. As a web-log, it is a log of the key details in my life and will range from reflections on the Catholic faith to lamentations on the lack of quality green pens (point to those that understood that reference) - for the sake of my audience above I shall try and update you on my work with the Sion group too!

I pray that this blog my serve as a mechanism for me to reflect regularly on my life, in order that I might not live it in vain but that I should always live it Ad maiorem Dei gloriam. I ask again for the prayers of my friends reading this blog that this year may transform my life and so conform it into an image of Christ's living presence within me.

God Bless you (henceforth GBU), Go and announce the Gospel of the Lord (GATGoL),

Mr Fenn.

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