Thursday, 6 September 2012

Convention, conventional?

A few days ago I found myself at S.E.N.T., sion's main home in Brentwood. I was there to take part in their annual convention bringing together all the various houses accross the country. The mornings featured sessions looking at philosophy and Christology, to which the Lord responded to through st Paul at Mass 'where are the philosophers now'. We had daily mass and shared morning and evening prayer.

Now, too many Catholics in a room together for too long and insanity breaks out! To be sure on this point, I share some concrete examples (for you sensing folks out there):
-wink murder with 2 people
-snap with no cards, and then with just 3 jokers
-ill-fated hair dying
-it's Christmas!
-far too much cross dressing for the concert
-spider-man like person suspended in window frame by ceiling
-getting lost on the way to day out
- a man in some bedding acting as a slug
And probably a few more too which I shall not share, in order to not completely distroy your perception of Sion Community.

Oh, I must inform you, dearest reader, of my current location. Hosted in the grounds of Worth abbey, the release programme is helping 30 of us to become equiped as young leaders to serve in the Church and in our daily lives effectivly. More to come on that later.


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