Friday, 19 October 2012

No time to lose, mission 2's here

Our second mission is approaching. We had a week to recover from our first mission, looking at what went well and what improvements we want to make. We are keeping the same general structure as the first mission, with the same people giving their testimony and having the same roles in the dramas (to allow us to perfect these more). Perhaps next mission will be more shaken up!

We will find ourselves thrust upon host families, this time in Burgess Hill (St. Paul's), for this more 'conventional' mission week. Fortunately, for me, I am located only ten minutes from the school which means I can have an extra half hour or so over some of the others in the team! And a gentle walk in the morning and evening will be refreshing and a chance to reflect on the day's activities.

As I look forward, it will be interesting to see how this second mission goes. The novelty of mission 1 has gone, and we have to get up and be enthusiastic about doing it again. We need to be genuine and sincere  yet often will repeat ourselves word for word. We need to engage with the young people, and constantly endeavor to interact with new people again. It might be a challenge to maintain this again, but we shall see!

It will be interesting to meet pupil's in a state school and see how they respond to our events such as prayer ministry, confession and 'Lightfever' (where the young people are invited to light a candle before the blessed Sacrament, and have the option to take some scripture or write an intention). The response from Ware was amazingly positive, so we shall see.

Please pray for the team, the staff and pupils throughout the week. Let hearts be opened, and lives transformed. Let all those we encounter this week find Christ in us, and may they be so enthused with grace and joy they might spread hope to those with whom they meet.

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