Friday, 1 February 2013

Breaking the silence, A non-mission day timetable

So, I thought a short post will break the silence!

7:10 Alarm goes
7:30 get up/shower
7:50 breakfast
8:00 community prayer - praise and modern worship songs
8:30 - 9:00 Adoration
9:30 Mass
10:30 Training - Apologetics; salvation, indulgences, purgatory
13:30 Lunch, lots of pizza
15:00 Mission Preparation. Share progress on tasks worked on earlier in the week. Pray about goals, personal and team. Discuss changes.
17:00 Break
17:30 Community prayer -Evening prayer from the Divine office
18:00 adoration
18:30 Supper/free time/work on mission prep
23:00 Bed

Next mission is St. John Fisher in Dewsbury. New thing this mission is to have a staff seminar as well as a staff social in order to equip and deepen the faith of some of the schools staff to enable them to support the students. Pray for its success.

News from me:
-Short hair now, less effort to manage.
-Still not sure about next year. Considering Maryvale course in Theology, not sure what I'd do alongside it.
-Age has changed, I am now 19.

I think those are the key points. More musings to follow, maybe.

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