Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Prayer days

Last week I was staying in Wigdon, just north of the lake district with the Cor et Lumen Christi community. We had a few days of rest, prayer and painting to refocus ourselves in our ministry.

This was a great time in which I had a little bit of space, not as much as I hoped, to find myself. To just be. And I found myself at peace in times of adoration. I had time to press into various things that had come up recently in prayer, although I didn't pray or think much about future plans in the end!

The men stayed here, and our lovely sisters in Christ were in the New Forest. They sent us each letters, which we were forbidden to open for three days! At least they provided us with some self-denial practice. We all held out, and the reason for the time-lock was they prayed a roasry each day for one of the four of us.

Now, I mentioned above the issue of finding space. In our last mission in Jersey this was quite an issue of me. We weren't too intense in activities, but a lot of travel around the island and set up to be done. Also, lots of it involved just some of the team, but we were all there. This meant that we couldn't switch off, but couldn't immerse ourselves in business. With the news of Fr. Blackfords death (may he rest in peace) I needed to find space to think it through and process this. I eventually had an hour or so where I wandered around a cemetry in a church and sat there for a while. But even so, felt under pressure to return (when I did not need to so soon).

I hope to find some space again like this to just be.

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