Sunday, 7 July 2013

Last Mission Complete - st Anne's, Southampton

 Friday, the sion youth mission team 2012/13 completed its last mission as a team.

An all girls school, but more subdued than Columa earlier in the year - thankfully. There were so efficient at frying in and out of the hall that we had plenty of time each day.. To much in some of the sixth form assemblies!  I personally was slightly disappointed in us in this regard, for we added some dramas that were just a bit random to fill time. I think it worked okay on the outside, but didn't have the same holistic feel to it that is hope to expect. Personally, i found it difficult as i was presenting the final part on Thursday and other people kept adding and changing things within my time slot. It's not that i was meant to be in charge then, but it mass it difficult to be intentional in my input to flow into the next - made harder as i was conscious we were running out of time to fit in the extras! But, overall i think it was successful.

In the Sunday before we began proper, another team member and i spoke at a nearby parish about mission and after a lady came to us and told us that when the mission team came 5 years ago, her daughter was wavering in the faith but since she has got really stuck in and involved in youth work and all sorts. This is encouraging to hear, for so often we can only trust that the greatest effect we have may never be known to us. A few students on Thursday talked of God they didn't believe in God at the beginning of the week, but did at the end. I've said to me that although she didn't know if she believes she head the chance to think about it and to see so many others professing their faith made her feel more able to choose without fearing peer pressure.

My grandmother visited me twice on mission which was a great privilege! We were sharing all together, but it ten leader, Will, has the wisdom to require us to have an hour each event add personal time so that we don't tire each other out to much. Just before mission we had attended some of the Cor et Lumen charism school (which i attended just one day because i foresaw that the intensity would be difficult for me right before mission) and this helped encourage us in our faith. We could see how much more we knew them since of the other other participants, yet compared to the Cor et Lumen community we knew very little in what they spoke on. Hearing Damian Stayne speak in September was somewhat difficult because he is quite challenging and intimidating at times in terms if his presentation. The content was unfamiliar to me in some ways, and so i struggles to absorb it fully. After seeing and taking to him briefly a few times only the year, i found his talk very funny, informative and relevant. I'd like to go to the charism school since time in full to have the whole works. Check out their website: for more information on them.

Our goal event of the year is Festival Sanctus, and were still looking for participants to come. If you know anyone agreed 15-21 (or thereabouts) and then to

Many thanks for your support thought the year!

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