Saturday, 23 November 2013

Does praying turn you insane?

I have friends who think I was part of a cult last year - admittedly the first time they saw me after I joined Sion I had shaven my head and let a beard grow (for convenience mainly - no time wasted each day sorting my face out!). I have come to realize I may look mad at times.

Neighbours might hear me doing voices as I read scripture - it was a tip of Mark Hart to engage oneself in the story... Plus, when I am praying the divine office I like to proclaim the Word as its good fun... though sometimes I will say it silently too!

Even other Christians might look at me as I turn to face a wall instead of the front - Walls are less distracting as as I said concrete gives glory to God too! Plus, I like to pace pray especially when I want to pray for someone or a series of intercessions - just helps me focus!

I used to have an issue in praying through the Divine Office that if nothing struck me particularly, then I'd find I sortof skip through a psalm...after all I know the gist of it quite well! It wasn't a deliberate thing, just as I read I tend to read ahead of myself a little to prepare myself. This is a dangerous technique when reading at Mass - its good as you know the words you have to pronounce, but if you do lose your place its hard to find it again as you are not looking at the words you just read but are a sentence ahead!Anyway, to overcome this tendency to jump through the psalms, I started to say it aload. Even silently aloud - sortof in the way older people tend to read where they mouth the words and you can just about hear them in a soto voce. Someone mentioned i was doing this as I was reading something on skype this morning, but I also do it when I happen to be walking alone and praying the Rosary (a new habit - I live one rosary from the edge of the Church!). So I probably just look like I'm talking to myself; though of course I do that too!

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