Friday, 15 November 2013

Is the single life a vocation?

I will explore this idea more, but it would be helpful to know what my readers current thoughts are so please answer the poll in the top right - you have until Thursday morning to complete it!

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1 comment:

  1. Yes, but consecrating a single life to Jesus can also be a "cop-out" for a host of reasons! In my opinion the key is to at least basically initially know who we are in relationship to Jesus. An extreme example is Judas Iscariot who was just such a young man who could not face himself. A thief and womanizer who focused on self completely; yet even though he attached himself to Jesus, he was not rejected but constantly forgiven and given another chance. Judas was spoilt by his father, detached from his mother and placed in the temple for a "priestly education". Yet in the end he "blew it" despite the constant prayer and forgiveness by Jesus. Jesus and His mother prayed all night for him prior to the betrayal, and He was willing to have forgiven Judas from the cross! Peter, on the other hand, also had his own emotional "hangups", yet he was completely honest and a man of integrity. When Jesus "Looked at him" he went out "and wept bitterly" which he must have shared with others and, more importantly, grew through that very painful experience which haunted him for many years to come. He was only gradually healed through Jesus' intervention: "Do you love me?" with the gradually accepting words of feed my lambs"; tend my sheep" and "feed my sheep" The frequently prophesied "Mankind's world awareness", and indeed our own "judgement", will surely be a similar experience, when we face ourselves completely, from conception to death, and judge ourselves in the light of God's infinite LOVE: a sobering thought indeed, particularly when we pray:so regularly "Save us from the fires of hell"!