Thursday, 7 November 2013

Memes and procrastinating

So I am definitely meant to be writing an essay...needs to be sent off tomorrow and basically not started! (Not as bad as it sounds, I had two to write. spent about a week researching one and things, and then a week or so writing a little each day and then lost the document when my computer died. So I started a new essay which is almost there. I just have to re-write what I did already!)

After my long post yesterday I thought some pictures might be nice, so I was looking for a nice Catholic meme along the lines of procrastinating. (Its a fine situation when you spend time finding procrastination related things when you should be working, once I downloaded an anti-procrastinating browser add-on instead of working..the irony). Anyway, I failed to find a related one, but I did chuckle at this mildly inappropriate one!

I was primed by talking to someone about going to the extraordinary form of Mass tomorrow evening!

Blog post for today done, no more excuses, I will beast this essay!
UPDATE: I'm progressing slowly!

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