Friday, 8 November 2013

The Anglican Ecclesiastical Community

A short post, I may well post later on too! I have committed to posting every day in November, but I am free to post more often than daily! (I'm free to not post at all in fact!)

A couple of days ago I shared a small part of my faith story with my readers, and in this I mentioned my use of the Anglican daily prayers. For this, I owe much to the Anglican Communion. They remain close to my heart and I thank God for them and pray for their needs often. It gave me such joy when Pope Benedict announced the Ordinariate for this reason. The language and traditions of the Anglican communion are very attractive in many ways. Recalling its origins, it has maintained some very Catholic traditions - its Liturgy has always mirrored Rome's in some ways. They basically had the traditional Latin Mass in English for a few hundred years. But they had a unique role to play in society and in the roles of the laity. Scripturally, they benefited from the great works of the Authorised Version, and beautiful psalms in the Coverdale translation. Anglican chant is simple and beautiful to the glory of God. But the Anglicans have fallen in hard times of late, and we must pray for them. The CofE stood up to defend marriage bravely, and we should draw hope from this (what is the latest with Gay 'Marriage'? Seems to have fallen from the radar somewhat?). Let us hope that unity can be found in that tradition and through it they might find a fuller understanding of the divine goodness.

I realized today that I'm once more drawing on the Anglican's for my spiritual growth. I'm reading CS Lewis' Mere Christianity and using the King James' version (The words are profound, and fresh so I am being drawn into the classic stories afresh). This is a good thing in my mind.

My aim was to help people understand my heart for the CofE and to know where I come from. Some people seem to think of it as a joke, I do not. Nor do I respect such a view, though I appreciate where such a view arises and probable share some of its underlying sentiments. Here's something for you to ponder on - I held back from referring to it with the word 'church', why? I also, for almost the opposite reason, held back from calling it a denomination.

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