Sunday, 20 July 2014


I'm out of touch. So it seems there is a new (I don't suppose it is that new, but I have only just heard of it) application for phones called Tinder. Basically, it takes into account your age and current location to show you images of people who match up, and you click if you like the look of the person or not.When two people both like each other's photo, they are connected and enabled to chat. I don't know how I feel about this. It's a very virtual way of communication, but I guess in dating often people do start with an initial attraction which is often physical. Sure, we might be friends first and grow to see attractive qualities. But that is not to say an initial breath-taking attraction  as your eyes meet is wrong. But after that, we ought to get to know the other as a true friend.Without agenda, just to know the other. And then we might move into a more exclusive relationship where we share ourselves more intimately (our hope and dreams, values, religious disposition). It is only when we have been truly ourselves, and open to the other that we can then make the choice to become engaged to marry. And in marriage, we give ourselves completely and permanently which reaches its most visible manifestation in the marital act. So Tinder, while seemingly superficial, could be used in an authentic relationship journey - but whether the individuals on this application are the kind whom would want to follow this process is something I'm sceptical towards.

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