Sunday, 25 January 2015

Parish Life

One of those annoying things I have tended to bang on about over the last few years is the importance of the parish in a believers life. It is the place most people experience everything to do with God and his Church. People may rarely go outside their home parish or have any other contact to the wider church. It's immensely important.

However. Moving out of my home parish, it is quite difficult. You don't know your way around a new parish in the same way at first, which is expected. But being away from home for one year and then moving on to university means I haven't been settle for long in any one church. And here in Edinburgh I rotate through 3 or 4 churches to go to Mass and confession based on convenience.

Theoretically the local church refers to the diocese, but I felt little connection to Birmingham or now Edinburgh & St Andrews or indeed to Clifton.

It is liberating to have lost this passion which somewhat restricted my life plans...maybe the parish can just be a functional dispensary of Catholicism.

I do not have a grand reflection or nugget for you today. I'm wondering whether this bears on vocation. We'll see.

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